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Show me around your space and tell me about your challenges and goals.
We'll prioritize and come up with a strategy. When you are ready,
we'll schedule our first session and get you organized for good!

Available to Austin residents only.



When there is no clear place to start, it's all too much, and you're ready for a true transformation, the KonMari Method will set you free. By keeping only the belongings that truly "spark joy", this approach guides you to curate your possessions around your desired lifestyle. When you thank and let go of all the things that no longer serve you, you'll be ready to fully embrace the present moment! It is recommended that you read Marie Kondo's book "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up" before beginning your tidying marathon, but it is not required.

KonMari Categories: Clothing, Books, Papers, Komono (Miscellaneous), Sentimental

Download the Complete KonMari Checklist


(Ten 5-hour organizing sessions + ten donation hauls): $3750

Commit to tidying your entire home and surrounding yourself with joy with the 10-session package: ideal for clients in homes greater than 2,000 square ft, clients with many possessions, or clients with indecision or difficulty letting things go. Ten donation/recycling hauls (one carload per session) are included in the price of the package, with donation receipts mailed to you within two weeks of each session. This is the best value package, as it saves $250, or $25 per session. 

An example breakdown of the KonMari categories over ten sessions: 1. clothing, 2. clothing 3. books, 4. paper, 5. paper, 6. komono, 7. komono, 8. komono, 9. komono, 10. sentimental & wrap-up. 

THREE KONMARI METHOD SESSIONS - ideal for small spaces

(Three 5-hour organizing sessions + three donation hauls): $1150

A 3-session package is ideal for small spaces (one-bedroom apartment), or if there are only a few KonMari categories you are looking for support with (clothing, books, papers, etc). Three donation or recycling hauls (one carload per session) are included in the price of the package, with donation receipts mailed to you within two weeks of each session. The 3-Session Package saves you $50, or about $16 per session.

It is common for clients to purchase two of the 3-session packages to completely tidy their home according to the KonMari Method, with one session per category, plus an extra session for Komono, or to refine storage throughout the home after all categories are complete.


(One 5-hour organizing session + one donation haul): $400

A single 5-hour session "a la carte" is a great option if you're curious to see what the KonMari Method is all about, or if there is only one category of belongings you are looking for support with. During our session, we will locate the items in our prescribed category, sort into subcategories as needed, and "joy check" to keep only what sparks joy! The rest will be donated, recycled, or otherwise discarded according to your preference, and hauled away by Organized for Good at the end of the session. Then, we will set up new organization systems for your belongings, and arrange your items in a way that sparks joy!


Austin Professional Organizer

Maybe you're on a short timeline and you can't take on the whole home right now. That's ok! Is there one area that has been nagging and you just haven't gotten it done (closet, bathroom, playroom, pantry, office)? Guests arriving next week? Playroom a wreck? Need to unpack and get settled in a hurry? No problem. Work side-by-side or leave it all up to me. You'll be amazed by the results!

HALF DAY (3 hrs + donation haul) - $240

FULL DAY (5 hrs + donation haul) - $400

If 3-hour minimum not met, client will be billed at $85/hour.

Austin Organizer


When organizing is done well, you'll come across many items in your space that you no longer have a use for. Yet adding another to do on your list is the last thing I want to do! Book a session with Organized for Good and it comes with one complimentary haul-away. You'll receive your tax-deductible receipt in the mail or in person during our next session, and you'll support the missions of wonderful local organizations in the process!


Payment and Cancellation Policy

A credit card is required for booking. You will not be charged until the time of service, at which time payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, or credit card. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the scheduled service to avoid a cancellation fee of $50, automatically charged to the card used to reserve the booking.

Packages for multiple sessions must be paid in advance as follows:
Three-session package: total ($1150) due after the completion of the first 5-hour session.
Ten-session package: 50% ($1875) due upon completion of the first 5-hour session, 50% ($1875) due after the sixth 5-hour session.